20190102 Hot off the presses: a couple of review articles.

In The CRISPR Journal [PDF], we review engineering of the Cas9 RNP for delivery, enhanced activity, and more. This also inspired the journal cover!

In Transfusion [PDF], we summarize CRISPR’s path to the clinic, from ex vivo genome editing to exciting new diagnostic applications like the ones being developed by our friends at Mammoth Biosciences.


20180810 Dana & Ross wrote a Spotlight article for Trends in Molecular Medicine to summarize some very nice work from the Murthy & Lee labs. Their novel CRISPR-Gold strategy seems promising for therapeutic delivery of genome-editing machinery to the brain, but can it compete with the established virus-based delivery approaches? Read on to find out


20180517 Marie Luff, the lab's first undergrad, has graduated with honors from UC Berkeley's MCB program. Marie's contributions have been absolutely essential to the lab, and she will be sorely missed! 


20180418 We are excited to report the culmination of a fruitful collaboration between Pfizer, the Doudna lab, and the Wilson lab: Receptor-Mediated Delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 Endonuclease for Cell Type Specific Gene Editing, published in JACS. This work is a first step towards tissue-targeted genome editing using Cas9 ribonucleoproteins (RNPs), and we are eagerly developing new technology to overcome the remaining barrier of endosomal escape. 


20180301 Joel Vej-Nielsen, a visiting scholar from the University of Southern Denmark, joins the lab for a few months of research. He will be working on reporters for endosomal escape. Welcome, Joel! 

20171212 Holiday outing! Our intended bowling trip quickly transformed into more of a darts showdown. Canadian Tuxedos were worn in honor of Dana's motherland. 

20171031 Happy Halloween from Neverland!



20171019 Our review of in vivo therapeutic genome editing delivery approaches is published with Luke Gilbert, gene editing wiz.

20170926 Postdoctoral scholar Dana Foss joins, working on strategies to deliver Cas9 to tissues not previously targeted. Dana's graduate work was with John Pezacki at the University of Ottawa, and focused on the siRNA-binding protein p19 and its use as a shuttle for delivery of therapeutic RNAs

20170721 Lorena, Rima, and Ross attend the Cold Spring Harbor meeting on genome engineering: The CRISPR-Cas Revolution. We heard about a ton of great research, presented a poster, got made into caricatures, and spent an afternoon together in NYC. A great time, overall! 

20170422 A few Wilson Lab members participated in the San Francisco March for Science. It was a great day, and really reassuring to see Market St packed with activists. Less encouraging were the vendors peddling things like "health-promoting kombucha" at the end of the march. Nevertheless, the event was largely inclusive & thoughtful, and there were even a few Lorax sightings!

20170323 In an uncanny stroke of good luck, Ross finds a markedly non-green tennis ball on the street while biking to work. Incredibly, this was the same unverdant design that had previously inspired this site's favicon


20161212 The lab heads to San Francisco for some ice skating!

20161201 Visiting researcher Joan Compte Barrón joins for a six-month visit, to work on gRNA production, chemical conjugation, and biochemical assays. A graduate of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Joan is currently working on his M.S. at Goethe University, Frankfurt.

20160928 Laboratory manager Ariana Hirsh joins, working on lab safety, operations, and protein production. Ariana was previously with the lab of Florian Krammer at Mount Sinai, managing the lab from its first days and cranking out proteins related to viral immunity.

20160726 Postdoctoral scholar Colleen McGourty joins, working on chemical conjugations and protein-RNA binding assays. Colleen’s graduate research was with Michael Rapé at UC Berkeley, and examined the interplay between calcium signaling and ubiquitylation.

20160523 Postdoctoral scholar Rima Mendonsa joins, working on protein production and cell line manipulation. Rima’s PhD research with Joanne Engebrecht at UC Davis focused on the interplay between membrane phospholipids and SNARE proteins in yeast. Her prior postdoctoral work, also at UC Davis, was with mentors Christopher J Murphy and Paul Russell, investigating corneal cell differentiation.

20160516 Visiting scientist Nathanael Lintner joins the lab to work on tissue-specific genome editing assays. Nathanael performed his postdoctoral research with Jamie Cate and Jennifer Doudna, studying the mechanism by which a small molecule stalls translation of a specific gene.

20160407 Undergraduate researcher Shanea Gideon joins, working on protein cloning and mutagenesis. Shanea is studying molecular & cellular biology at UC Berkeley.

20160322 Postdoctoral scholar Lorena de Oñate joins, working on gRNA engineering. Lorena got her PhD with Núria Montserrat at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, studying the activation of pluripotent stem cells for organ regeneration.

20160315 Undergraduate researcher Marie Luff joins, working on protein-RNA binding assays and gRNA production. Marie is studying cell & developmental biology as well as public health at UC Berkeley.

20160215 The first non-Ross scientist, Hanna Wisniewska, joins for a three-week visit and the Wilson Lab is ontologically born. It’s not really a lab until there’s more than one person, right?

20160125 First experiment: site-directed mutagenesis – always a classic.

20160121 First lab shopping trip.